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Straighten Teeth with Clear Aligners

If you’ve been putting off orthodontic treatment because you don’t want metal braces, you’ll benefit from choosing the invisible alternative! Clear aligners use the same predictable approach to straightening your crooked teeth but through a series of plastic trays instead of unsightly wires, brackets, and rubber bands. Inconspicuous and comfortable, clear braces are the ideal alternative for busy professionals who don’t want orthodontics to hinder their lifestyle. And with dental financing, we can help make this option affordable for you, too. Our team at Avion Dental welcomes you to schedule your consultation for clear aligners in Chino Hills, CA today!

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Benefiting from Invisible Braces

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Our Clear Aligners Treatment

A misaligned smile can indeed have a past journey; however, clear aligners can provide a new journey to a transformation in your smile. At Avion Dental, we will begin this process with an initial consultation with our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kim. We will take digital X-rays, discuss your concerns, and assess your eligibility and any oral health conditions. In most cases, Clear Aligners present as a feasible solution unless intricate bite irregularities are in play. Following your consultation, we will create an impression of your dental structure, a crucial step in developing your series of transparent aligners. These aligners require wearing for 20-22 hours daily, allowing you to remove them for meals, beverages, and oral hygiene routines. Gradually progressing through this succession of aligners, you’ll observe a gradual realignment of your teeth, flawlessly aligning your smile. The radiance of your smile will surely showcase your newfound confidence and sustained oral health in the long run!

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Orthodontics from a Trained Dentist

Clear aligners are an ideal solution for most patients with crooked teeth. However, only a trained and experienced cosmetic dentist should complete your orthodontic treatment. Our dentist, Dr. Kim, has years of experience helping patients fix their crooked teeth. The benefits of choosing a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Kim include expertise in smile enhancement, personalized treatment planning based on facial features, attention to smile aesthetics beyond alignment, comprehensive cosmetic dental services, patient-centered care, and the utilization of digital tools to visualize treatment outcomes. Dr. Kim has the trained eye to determine if clear aligners or conventional braces will provide the most significant long-term benefits for you and your smile. Come in for a consultation to see how we can help you!

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