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Laser-assisted implant placement is offered at a select few dental offices in California. However, Dr. Robert Kim is highly-trained in the use of BLAST laser-assisted placement. This advanced technology offers you countless benefits during your dental implant surgery. Prior to placing your dental implants, it allows Dr. Robert Kim to prepare your oral cavity for placement, ridding your oral cavities of harmful bacteria. Through the use of this method, there is less of a need for antibacterial rinses, which can interfere with your healing. Studies have shown that laser-assisted placement is more effective, especially in patients with coronary artery disease. It has also been shown to improve overall healing time by increasing the production of epidermal growth factor (EGF) and cell population. Moreover, it is minimally invasive, so patients experience less inflammation and pain. Dr. Kim has undergone rigorous training to be able to provide this service to his patients so he can provide the best care possible that allows for the best procedure and the quickest recovery time.

Benefits Of Laser-Assisted Treatment

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Why Choose Dr. Robert Kim?

You will always feel welcome at Avion Dental in Chino Hills, CA. Dr. Robert Kim has years of experience in dental implant placement, and has treated thousands of patients just like you. He is a faculty member of the renowned Misch Resnik Implant Institute and stays up to date with all the latest advances in the dental implant industry, with over 150 hours of continuing education each year. He is specifically trained in laser-assisted dental implant placement. Moreover, he is supported by one of the most caring dental teams in the area. We will make sure you are comfortable, and we’ll explain each step of the process so you know what to expect. We love interacting with our patients, and we want you to feel at home in our dental office. Your comfort and satisfaction are always at the forefront of everything we do.
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Cost of BLAST Dental Implant Placement

At Avion Dental in Chino Hills, CA, we understand that dental implants are expensive. That is why we want you to receive the very best dental implants, and laser-assisted placement provides you with countless benefits that improve efficiency and healing of your dental implants. The cost of laser-assisted placement varies, depending on the number of implants you are having placed, as well as your unique treatment plan. We understand that dental procedures are not cheap and require a financial investment, this is why we pride ourselves on being able to offer more affordable care upfront. We also work with some of the best third-party dental financing companies such as LendingClub, CareCredit, and Proceed Finance. Receive advanced dental implant placement from an experienced dentist in Chino Hills, CA. Contact us today to discuss the financial aspects of your beautiful new smile.

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