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Dr. Robert Kim

My name is Dr. Rob. My life’s journey started in a small town named Owensboro, in the state of Kentucky. I moved to Southern California when I was a young boy.

My parents were hardworking 1st generation immigrants who came from Korea. So while they worked, like many other kids I grew up studying, playing sports, and playing video games.

Passion in serving in underserved communities
I always loved putting work in the different communities. I get to learn and walk their life, eat their food, laugh and share their livelihood. So Far, we have had the privilege to provide to panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Africa so far. I’m looking forward to helping more with the underserved communities. The Ministry of Health has been engrained in me since going to Loma Linda University.

Jiu Jitsu has been a huge part of my life. I have been training for over a decade. It really taught me to be humble, patient, present, throughout life. I think there are a lot of principles in Jiujitsu that I have been able to connect with the future generations…especially in helping them with leadership and confidence…. Definitely, there’s something on a spiritual level.

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core values at Avion Dental

The Golden Rule is “Treating others how you would like to be treated”
To me Its really about respecting peoples time and values. Making them feel comfortable and giving them best that modern dentistry has to give. We love to do things in a timely manner and give the precision that dentistry needs.

Being the best we can be by learning
The future is bright in the field of dentistry. I love my job. I love learning. I love that this field is advancing with new technology and research. Whether its giving back a smile using 3d printing our night guards and teeth, doing digital implant planning, milling same day crowns, using lasers to heal your gums and bones….This makes our work more precise and more predictable than ever. This makes me so excited. And this is just the beginning. My philosophy has always been to maintain what God gave us. We can prevent of lot stuff from happening simply by educating. So that is one our main values at Avion dental… So the better we understand our mouth, our habits, and our environment, the better we can be at making healthier choices.

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