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Our Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to restore as many smiles as possible because life is way too short to live without a smile. We understand how a damaged smile destroys your confidence and self-esteem. Each passing day makes it harder to reach out for help. We also understand that no one wants to lose their smile. We’re not here to judge or lecture. Don’t let the condition of your teeth prevent you from receiving a new smile.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Can Give You Back Your Smile

Are you careful not to show your teeth when posing for pictures? What would it take for you to smile again? If most of your teeth are failing or missing, you probably think loving your smile is impossible again. But that’s not true. We have just one question, and then we’ll offer you the best solution. Are you ready to live life to the fullest?

Led by Dr. Robert Kim, our skilled implant dentist team at Avion Dental offers affordable full mouth dental implants in Chino Hills, CA. We’ve performed countless dental implant surgeries to help patients like you, regain their smiles. Below you can explore our process for placing full mouth dental implants, including comparing full mouth teeth replacement solutions, what to expect during dental implant surgery and our dental implant financing options for managing the cost of your new teeth.

Compare the Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Solutions

Unlike dentures, implants are much easier to care for and do not require special cleaning solutions or adhesives. With full mouth dental implants, you can stop hiding your joy. Start living the life you deserve with a lasting brilliant smile.

Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Our Full-Mouth Dental Implants Protocol: What is All-on-X®?

All-On-X, also known as full mouth dental implants, is our comprehensive dental treatment option designed to replace an entire arch (upper or lower) of missing teeth. This advanced dental procedure is commonly used for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth for various reasons, such as progressive gum disease, severe tooth decay, trauma, or congenital issues. By placing 4-6 dental implants per arch, this technique will allow you to enjoy a same-day smile.

Our Smile Transformation Process


Step 1: Personalized Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Kim, our dental implant expert, will assess your smile goals and overall oral health to see if you are a good candidate for full arch dental implants. Once this is determined, he’ll create a detailed plan for your dental implant surgery, which includes precise angle and depth for placement. This process is crucial to successful dental implant results. While you’re here, ask about seeing before and after photos. You’ll be amazed at our smile transformations.


Step 2: Dental Implant Surgery - An End to Your Long Wait

Your surgery will start by administering Sedation and ensuring you’re comfortably relaxed. During your surgery, Dr. Kim will prep for your surgery by completing any additional tooth extractions, create a firm foundation with bone grafting and begin the placement of 4-6 dental implants. Your full mouth dental implant surgery will last about four to six hours depending on the scope of your treatment. In most cases, you’ll leave our office with a brand new complete smile!


Step 3: Checkup Appointment - We Welcome Your Feedback

We will schedule a checkup four to six weeks after surgery. This allows us to examine your healing, and it gives you the opportunity to ask any questions or voice concerns. If you need anything before or after this appointment, don’t hesitate to call us.


Step 4: Final Appointment - Your Permanent Restorations

After your check-up with Dr. Kim, he will determine if your implants have fully completed the process of osseointergration (Osseointegration is a biological process that occurs when an artificial implant, such as a dental implant or a prosthetic limb, fuses with living bone tissue). If your implants have fully healed, during this appointment, we will place your final restoration. This final restoration will provide you with longevity and functionality and give you so many reasons to smile!

Full Mouth Dental Implants can Be Affordable!

Without a doubt, dental implants are a major investment, but they are worth every penny. Just listen to some of our patient’s stories, and you’ll understand the life-changing power of full mouth dental implants.

However, we understand that the upfront cost may be a barrier for you. That’s why we partner with multiple dental finance companies to make your treatment more affordable. We’ll help you find the best full arch dental implant financing in Chino Hills, CA. For more information, call our office today and speak with our financial coordinator. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.

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