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Sedation Dentistry & Compassionate Care

Do you feel nervous when thinking about dental treatment? Does the condition of your teeth make you ashamed and anxious? Whatever the reason for your fear, our team at Avion Dental has a solution to put all your worries to rest. We’ve helped many patients overcome dental anxiety or fear before visiting our dental office. We offer different options and level of sedation to help put your mind at ease, and are here to talk you through each step of the treatment process. You’ll leave our office with a positive outlook and a beautiful, new smile!

How Can Dental Anesthesia Help?

The Calming Sedation Dentistry You Need

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is often preferred for intricate medical procedures such as full mouth dental implant surgery or wisdom tooth extractions or for individuals experiencing significant anxiety. This approach induces a state similar to deep sleep, rendering you unresponsive to queries or directives throughout the duration of the procedure.

dental patient under nitrous oxide sedation

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” we administer nitrous oxide through a nasal mask. Although you may not laugh, you will feel light-headed or drowsy. However, this is perfectly normal and helps ease any tension, so you remain calm and comfortable. You can expect to stay conscious throughout your procedure. When Dr. Robert Kim finishes, we stop the gas, and you’ll breathe in oxygen. Very soon, the effects wear off, allowing you to drive home.
dentist discussing sedation procedure

IV Sedation

IV sedation for dentistry is a type of dental anesthesia administered through an IV. This means that you will have a small needle inserted into your vein, and the sedative will be delivered directly into your bloodstream. The beauty of IV sedation is that it works very quickly, so you’ll be relaxed in no time for complex procedures like full mouth dental implants, the medication lasts for the entirety of your surgery. Because IV sedation takes a while to wear off, you should have a loved one drive you home.

sedation dentistry patient

50% to 80% of Adult Patients Suffer From Dental Anxiety

What we want you to know is—you’re not alone. While the exact numbers vary, many studies have found at least 50-80% of adults experience dental anxiety. So, if your heart races every time you think about scheduling a dental appointment, we’re here for you. If you’ve delayed the quality dental care you deserve, you may feel ashamed of your teeth. But we’re not here to judge. We want you to experience the joy of a beautifully restored smile!

Don’t let your dental issues progress into debilitating problems, like gum disease, complete tooth loss, or even cardiovascular disease. If you’re already experiencing severe dental issues, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Designing new smiles is our joy. We provide dental anesthesia and a full range of full mouth options.

Access a better quality of life and improved health! Avion Dental makes everything easier for you. We provide a caring environment and multiple dental financing options, so financial obligations don’t hold you back. You can overcome your fears with one-on-one attention and sedation dentistry near you in Chino Hills, CA.

Sometimes a Change of Perspective Is All You Need!

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