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Scheduling a general exam and cleaning is a vital part of preventive dental care. Robert Kim, DDS, and the team of dental hygienists at Avion Dental in Chino Hills, California, offer routine general exam and cleaning appointments to ensure your teeth are in great shape and you’re enjoying optimal dental health. If it’s been longer than six months since your last preventive dental visit, call Avion Dental to schedule a general exam and cleaning or book an appointment online today.

General Exam and Cleaning Q&A

Why do I need a general exam and cleaning?

General exams and cleaning services for your teeth promote long-term dental health and reduce your risk for tooth decay, tooth pain, and infections.

The team at Avion Dental recommends scheduling routine exams and cleanings every six months to stay on top of your oral health.

By following through with general exams and cleanings twice a year, you can also reduce your risk for more extensive dental services like endodontics (root canals), fillings, and tooth extractions.

What’s involved in a general exam and cleaning?

During your general exam, the Avion Dental team physically examines the health of your teeth and your gums. They also use imaging tests, like 3D X-rays and digital X-rays, to identify potential issues, like a cavity or signs of gum disease, in its earliest stages, so you can get the treatment you need.

For your teeth cleaning, the hygienists focus on removing plaque that builds up on your teeth, even when you regularly brush and floss at home. They use special tools to remove hardened plaque (tartar) and debris that settle down below your gum line and can increase your risk for periodontal disease.

The Avion Dental hygienists also polish your teeth during your cleaning to boost the brightness of your smile and can apply a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth until your next cleaning.

How should I care for my teeth between general exam and cleaning appointments?

Caring for your teeth between regular appointments is just as important as professional dental exams and cleanings.

You should continue to brush and floss after every meal and limit foods that can harm your dental health, such as sugary, acidic, and sticky foods that can cause cavities. Also, try to avoid eating hard foods that can chip or crack your teeth.

If you have any special dental needs, the Avion Dental team can recommend products like mouthwashes and kinds of toothpaste you can use at home to protect and improve your oral health.

If it’s been more than six months since your last professional dental cleaning, call Avion Dental or book an appointment online today to schedule a general exam and cleaning.