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Our Onsite Dental Lab Delivers Precision Results

Our state-of-the-art dental lab elevates your dental experience. With advanced technology at our disposal, we combine your dental treatments into one efficient procedure. So, you don’t have to wait in one dental office after the other just to pay more and more fees.

Plus, our in-house dental lab allows us to set our own standards during every step of the process, allowing us to deliver the highest quality. We have everything you need to restore your smile and oral health in one convenient location.

When you have a smile problem, no matter how complicated, don’t give up. Under our care, you’re guaranteed the high level of dentistry you deserve. We routinely reconstruct entire smiles with affordable dental implants, and we’re able to achieve gorgeous results because we work smarter, not harder. When combined with Dr. Kim’s artistic skill and attention to detail, our full mouth dental implant laboratory helps us achieve unrivaled precision time and time again.

Explore Our Dental Lab, Created Just For You


3D Printer

3D printing technology allows us to create custom dental prosthetics, so you can get your dental work done much faster and with fewer visits. 3D printing is also used to create custom braces and retainers. In addition to this, Dr. Robert Kim creates custom surgical guides for dental implant surgery. This technology allows us to provide a range of minimally invasive dental treatments like LANAP for gum disease, making all your dental procedures faster and more comfortable.


3D Imaging - Cone Beam CT Scan

A cone-beam CT scan is a particular type of X-ray imaging test. It produces three-dimensional (3D) images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bones in a single scan. This 3D view allows us to diagnose dental conditions like impacted teeth quickly. But that’s not all; it helps us create a personalized plan for all your dental problems, making the process much easier and more effective. Plus, a cone beam CT scan only takes just 10 minutes, saving you time and money.


Intraoral Camera

Say goodbye to messy impressions of your teeth. Our intraoral scanner is quick, comfortable, and accurate. It’s great for braces, orthodontic and cosmetic treatments, as well as many other dental procedures. The procedure involves a harmless beam of light that captures detailed images of your teeth and gums. You can expect your scans to last around five minutes. With an intraoral scan, Dr. Kim can create a treatment plan in one visit.


CEREC miling machine

Our CEREC milling machine is a specialized dentistry device for creating dental restorations such as crowns and veneers. The acronym "CEREC" stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Traditionally, creating dental restorations involved multiple appointments and using dental impressions, temporary restorations, and off-site dental labs to manufacture the final restoration. However, CEREC technology streamlines this process by allowing our practice to design, manufacture, and place dental restorations in a single appointment.

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